TAOB-kunsten å puste

Vanlig pris - Spar 0,00 kr

Workshop: 12.september

Kl: 18:45-20:15

400,- for medlemmer 

500,- for klippekortholdere og ikke-medlemmer 


The TAOB System is designed to give natural fitness of body and mind. It will provide you essential internal tools for mental strength, calm, balance, clarity and stillness. The natural body fitness aspect introduces exercises designed to develop distinctive and extraordinary core muscles. You will learn how to become naturally build core muscles and improve posture and overall physical health.

The course itself is an introduction to the whole TAOB System, which is breath, posture and movement. During the course you will learn the basics of unforced and natural breathing. The simple yet complex mechanics involved in this process will be broken down and explained. Listening to your breath, and seeking more mental awareness, clarity and focus in your everyday life. We work on building a stronger internal support system which enables you to transform trauma into creativity and gain more self esteem and confidence. TAOB is designed to provide a better quality of life. What you learn can be implemented into every area of ​​life. Whether it's work, training or leisure. Posture is an important aspect of the system. But correct breathing (focus) is necessary to sustain an unforced and natural way trough the postures, holds and movements.


Merk: Bindende påmelding. Du betaler forskuddsvis. Fravær fra timen kan dessverre ikke refunderes.

Vi forbeholder oss retten til å avlyse kurset hvis vi blir færre enn 5 påmeldte.