Cyrena Drusine

Pilates is a great form of exercise that helps build core strength and muscle tone while increasing flexibility and improving balance and alignment. As dancers it is important for us to build strength that doesn’t restrict our movement but instead allows us to be more free while we are dancing. Pilates exercises give dancers the core strength you need to prevent injury and are also often used as rehabilitation after an injury. 


Cyrena is a dancer and pilates instructor from New York City. She studied at the School of American Ballet for 10 years and then danced with the Pacific Northwest Ballet. She began practicing pilates when she was 13 years old to accompany her ballet training. She immediately noticed the difference in her dancing. She was able to balance longer, jump higher, turn better and prevent injuries. Cyrena has now been practicing Pilates for over 20 years. Cyrena studied with Helen Drusine, one of the original Pilates instructors who studied under Romana, the 1st generation “elder” teacher. She also studied with Peter Vaillancourt at Court Pilates. Cyrena received a Certificate in Pilates Mat from Power Pilates. Cyrena has taught in New York City at Body Evolutions and in Buenos Aires privately. Cyrena currently works in Oslo as an Argentine Tango instructor and teaches private and group pilates classes.

Cyrena’s pilates classes combine the classical pilates mat with exercises using the theraband and the exercise ball. She also uses her dance expertise and incorporates ballet and contemporary jazz exercises in the class which are used to strengthen and lengthen the muscles in the body.